Mother's Day

Mother's Day always reminds me of the passionate, sacrificial love a mother has for her children. She will march into the fires of hell to rescue them with no concern for herself. She will suffer hurt, humiliation, unbearable pain and anguish with open arms and a never-ending love for her children and family. She will follow her Son to a cross, risking persecution and death to be by His side through a horrifying death. She will follow Him to the tomb where His body is laid to rest while her heart is exploding inside her. Mary gave birth to Jesus, The Savior of mankind who changed the world and her reward is eternal! To all mothers on this special day, God knows your hurts, your disappointments, your fears and your sacrifices. Your love has not gone unnoticed and your reward will be great. Give your hearts to Jesus and turn your families over to God. He can fix anything and He Loves You so very, very much! Happy Mother's Day!

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