In a small town on the west coast of Florida,  I was born into a middle class family where dad worked very hard for a living and mom stayed home to raise the children. The oldest of three with one brother and one sister, life was pretty simple with dinner at 6:00, trips to the beach, public school, homework, family vacations, cub scouts, boy scouts, horse back riding, birthdays, Christmas, Easter and church. Mom (and dad sometimes) encouraged me with voice, piano and guitar (not all at the same time) lessons in hopes to give a shy, asthmatic child an opportunity to find his talents. In 1970 I found myself a rebellious teenager in the middle of the drugs and rock n roll revolution. Like so many teenagers imitating their rock legends, I was trying to resist the establishment and seek truth for myself. One night after a terrifying drug experience, I realized I needed to get back home to the God I knew as a child. In the 70's many rock musicians who were seeking the truth gave their lives to Jesus and contemporary Christian music was born. I gave my life to God at the age of 17 and began singing, writing and playing music for Jesus. Life could not be better.  I got married, had two wonderful sons, led worship at church and played in a series of Christian bands for many years. Approaching 30, a few disappointments and a divorce I was heading for a detour that would distract me from God's calling in my life. I spent many years in a spiritual wilderness still knowing God loves me and discovering that nothing could quench the desire for God that was in my heart. All the while holding my two sons close to me, I knew that Jesus would not let us down and we would make it through the desert. God is faithful!  I met my wonderful wife, Cheryl a number of  years ago and God has been so good to us. With Cheryl's son and daughter and my two sons (who are all adults now and we are so proud of them) we have been blessed with seven grandchildren.  I am singing, recording and playing the music God has given me in hopes that it will be used by Him to bless others. Cheryl and I are so excited to see what God is doing in our life and want to share His love and mercy.

Michael Burke

Winds Of Time