Contemporary Christian Music

Music is an expression of the heart and soul that can truly influence our mood and thoughts. I believe God created music for the angels to sing praises and fill the heavens with glorious melodies, harmonies and sounds that man has been trying to imitate since the beginning of creation. God inspires and has written through mankind the most wonderful music (only a pale glimpse of what awaits us in heaven) to draw us closer to Him. We in turn sing His praises to declare the magnificent power, honor, glory, mercy and everlasting love we have found in Him through our Lord and savior, His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Music can be for praise and worship bringing us into a deeper awareness of God's presence while we tell Him how much we love Him for all He has done for us.

Music can be for encouraging one another in the faith we share.

Music can be for sharing an experience or a lesson learned.