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Happy Thanksgivivg


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family! 

Praying we can all give thanks during this wonderful season!

While this is a special time of year, there are those who are having a difficult time. Let us pray for them and remember that God draws near to us in our sorrows and difficult times. Friends, family, health and finances can be hurtful, discouraging and disappointing. 

Jesus will never leave us or forsake us and He knows our sorrows. His peace that surpasses all understanding is there to comfort us and give us rest.

Thanking God for Jesus birth, life, resurrection and His presence through the Holy Spirit in our lives as we seek Him and embrace the love He has for each of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shepherd Song


Shepherd Song                                                        words and music by Michael Burke


All we like little sheep had gone so far astray

We closed our eyes, turned our heads and went our separate ways

Then the Shepherd of our souls came to take us home

He came to us and gave His love when we were so alone


Now there’s trouble in the flock

I heard someone holler wolf

He’s created quite a shock

But still the Shepherd’s in control


Now if you find you’re alone and you have lost your way

Call out for the Shepherd’s love before it is too late

For outside of the fold you’re weak and easy prey

The wolf desires to have your soul and take your life away


Now there’s trouble in the flock

I heard someone holler wolf

He’s created quite a shock

But still the Shepherd’s in control


Jesus is the Shepherd and the lover of my soul

He’s the One who rescued me

He’ll never let me go


© 1979 Fountain of Life Music  SESAC


I wanted to share these lyrics because sometimes the church puts too much emphasis on the pastor who is an imperfect human as we all are. There are many churches (flocks) but if the pastor is the shepherd there will be " trouble in the flock".

Jesus is the only Shepherd and we must keep our eyes on him.


Mother's Day

Mother's Day always reminds me of the passionate, sacrificial love a mother has for her children. She will march into the fires of hell to rescue them with no concern for herself. She will suffer hurt, humiliation, unbearable pain and anguish with open arms and a never-ending love for her children and family. She will follow her Son to a cross, risking persecution and death to be by His side through a horrifying death. She will follow Him to the tomb where His body is laid to rest while her heart is exploding inside her. Mary gave birth to Jesus, The Savior of mankind who changed the world and her reward is eternal! To all mothers on this special day, God knows your hurts, your disappointments, your fears and your sacrifices. Your love has not gone unnoticed and your reward will be great. Give your hearts to Jesus and turn your families over to God. He can fix anything and He Loves You so very, very much! Happy Mother's Day!

The branches will bear fruit


Working in the yard the other day I noticed our fig tree had quite a few figs on it at various sizes and stages of maturity. I walked up to get a closer look and realized there were some branches with lots of figs and some with a few and some with none. There were other branches that didn't look so good and some that were wilting.  God brought to my mind the parable of the vine and the branches found in the book of John chapter 15.  Jesus is the vine, we are the branches and the fruit is the evidence of God's presence (Holy Spirit) flowing through us to others. The evidence (fruit) should be seen in the way we live as we are transformed into the image of His Son, Jesus, not only in our countenance but in our actions. The same miraculous power that raised Jesus from the dead flows through us as the branches attached to the vine receive life giving nourishment to produce fruit. The branches can do nothing without the vine. The branches that produce the most fruit are the ones receiving the most nourishment from the vine. A branch that is restricted will create resistance to the life-giving flow and produce less and less fruit. When the restriction is removed and the resistance turns to surrender the vine's nourishment flows freely and the fruit is abundant.

Lord help us recognize the restrictions and resistance we have in our lives that keep us from receiving the abundant life-giving nourishment we so desperately need from you.  I surrender all.




Living instead of dying

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes.
As I think about the busy lives we all lead and the things we occupy our precious time with I wonder, what's it all for? We can do nice things for people, invent things to make life easier for others, spend millions of dollars to feed the hungry, find a cure for cancer, find a solution to our political nightmares (yeah right). You find a cure but then they die, you feed them so they can live longer but then they die, you make lots of money or invent something life changing or raise wonderful children but then you die and so do they. What a meaningless existence. God created us to live forever. It is in our hearts and souls if we are honest with ourselves and Him. He provided the way to live forever through His son Jesus and my prayer is that all my family and friends will believe and receive Jesus' salvation so we can all be together forever in heaven. Let's share this Good news with others and get busy living now and forever.

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